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Victorian Names

Victorian Names

Looking for that gorgeous, classic, name for your baby which was popular in the Victorian times? We have put together a collection of our favourite male and female Victorian names.


Aaron, Alexander, Alonzo, Ambrose, Amos, Archie, Augustus, Benjamin, Bennet, Calvin, Charlie, Christopher, Clement, Daniel, David, Edmund, Elijah, Franklin, Frederick, George, Harland, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Horatio, Isaac, Jacob, Jasper, John, Joseph, Joshua, Lawrence, Lewis, Levi, Llewellyn, Lucius, Luke, Matthew, Mark, Maxwell, Morgan, Nathan, Oliver, Oscar, Owen, Paul, Patrick, Perry, Percival, Ruben, Robert, Rufus, Samuel, Seth, Sidney, Thomas, Warren, William, Zachariah.



Adella, Allie, Almyra, Amelia, Arrah, Charlotte, Charity, Ella, Eleanor, Ellie, Elizabeth, Elsie, Ettie, Eva, Eveline, Genevieve, Georgia, Grace, Hannah, Hattie, Hope, Hortence, Isabell, Iris, Ivy, Jessamine, Juliet, Katherine, Laura, Leah, Letita, Lila, Lilly, Lottie, Louisa, Lulu, Mary, Martha, Matilda, Mercy, Molly, Natalie, Nellie, Nettie, Pearl, Phoebe, Polly, Preshea, Rachel, Rosa, Ruby, Samantha, Sally, Savannah, Selina, Tabitha, Victoria, Violet, Virginia, Winnie.


Victorian Names

Victorian namesNaming trends in the Victorian era included biblical names as well as names of royals. Virtue and botanical names we also popular at this time.

Many of the names used in the Victorian times are known as classics which we still use and love today but there are plenty of little hidden gems to find if you are looking for something different and little less well-known.

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