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Reading With Your Children

It is never too early to start reading with your kids. Check our articles below for book ideas for all ages as well as some wonderful book recommendations straight from our very own read-a-holic little girl’s favourite selection. Including her own all important comments.


There are so many captivating books for children around which you can pick up for reasonable prices and hand down from child to child. Alternatively you can rent books for free from your local library.

reading with kidsReading with my daughter every evening is something I have made a point of doing from a very young age. Not only is it educational but it is a great way to help us both wind down from a hectic day. It also allows us to have some special one-to-one bonding time.

My daughter has enjoyed many fabulous stories and illustrations over the years and has developed an amazing mind and love for thinking up wonderful ideas for writing new stories of her own.

I love the fact that many of the books around today are stories from my own childhood memories. Reading them again as an adult to my own children gives me a great sense of sharing a bit of me with them.