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Baby Carrier Reviews

Are you looking for a way to keep your baby close to you? Carry your baby whilst having both hand free? If so a baby carrier or sling might be for you. Check out the baby carrier reviews below for a good range of what is available.


Best Selling Baby Carriers


Babyway Baby Carrier 3-in-1.



  BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle.



BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Active.



 Beco Baby Gemini Carrier In Metro Black



 BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original.



      Moby Wrap.



        Wallaboo Baby Cotton Sling.



Baby Carriers

Baby carriers and slings are great for carrying small babies close to you in their first few months.

Some baby carriers are designed to last for longer and adapt to your growing baby. For example;

  • Our baby carrier was suitable from 3 months old and could hold baby comfortably facing me to begin.
  • The next stage was baby being able to face forwards (once he could comfortably support his own head).
  • Then moving onto carrying baby on my back for when he was much more able.

Slings are great for newborn babies. Keeping them close to you whilst they are sleeping and giving you the freedom to move around at the same time.


Choosing a baby carrier

Choosing a baby carrier that YOU feel comfortable and confident using is the ultimate key here. If you don’t feel confident and comfortable then you simply won’t use it.

It would be beneficial to try out a few types of carrier before you purchase one yourself as you really need to get the feel for it. Look out for the following factors:

  • Make sure you are able to put on your baby carrier by yourself in situations when you are going to use it.
  • Check out weight limits and age suitability to match your needs.
  • Check your baby’s position for comfort and security.


What baby carriers are great for

  • Baby carriers are great for use when a pram or pushchair are inconvenient. For example; if you are taking a trip to the farm and you don’t want the limitations of using a pram, try a baby carrier for a bit more freedom.
  • Baby carriers are great for quick trips to the playground.
  • Baby carriers are great for keeping baby close whilst allowing you to attend to your other children.
  • Our baby didn’t like lying in a pram in his early months, we found a baby carrier was the ideal solution for short trips. It meant baby was happy being close to me and able to look around.