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Baby Shower Ideas

Here is our A-Z on baby showers. From gifts to games, check here for our posts about all you need to know.



Baby showers are a great way to show mum-to-be a little love and support at this special time in her life.

A baby shower celebration is usually held in the final trimester of pregnancy and organised by her nearest and dearest friend or relative.

The idea of a baby shower is to invite all you lovely ladies round for a couple of hours in an afternoon, or early evening to shower the special mum to be with lots of tips and tricks of motherhood, and of course beautiful baby gifts to boot.


baby shower ideasBaby Shower Ideas

Many people opt for throwing mum a ‘surprise’ baby shower. Planning a surprise shower takes all the stress away from mum-to-be, allowing her to sit back, relax and enjoy her day.

The host will often organise little games which are played throughout the shower to get the giggles flowing amongst the women. It is also a great way to break the ice between people who might not know each other.

Tasty nibbles should be provided by the host and on some occasions gift bags or party favours are given away. Another great touch is to offer non-alcoholic cocktails to all the girls and decorate your party with some great baby shower decorations to add a little fun and get everyone in the mood.

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