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Lamaze Spin & Explore Garden Gym – Review

The Lamaze spin and explore garden gym is designed to grow with your baby and encourage tummy time. It is vibrant and fun with plenty for your baby to explore as she grows and develops.

The Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym Features

The mat boasts bright, bold and contrasting colours to stimulate baby’s sight from an early age.

Designed to grow with your baby offering a fun play mat with lots of fabrics, textures, rattles squeaks and crinkles to discover.

Removable spinning ladybug for baby to lay on, helping baby build strength and enjoy tummy time.

Features cute animal characters for baby to explore and play with.

Suitable to use from birth to six months.

What do people think?

Searching through heaps of reviews the following views came up from users that are worth noting.

The Good

  • Helps encourage baby to enjoy more tummy time.
  • Many babies are having lots of fun playing on and exploring the mat.
  • Lovely and bright with lots to keep baby entertained whilst on tummy.
  • Well made product.
  • Great item to take along with you.

The Bad

  • The mat is smaller than some Mums imagined it would be.
  • Some people feel the bug isn’t suited to really young babies.
  • It may take a while for baby to get used to it and enjoy it.
  • One user has commented the seat cover is thin and would be more comfortable for baby if padded.
  • Some Mums have mentioned that baby can’t use it for too long before they get tired.


The MumSite Verdict

This is a lovely bright play mat offering lots of entertainment for baby with the unique twist – a spinning lady bug. Enjoyed by many babies but not for everyone, as with most baby products! Probably not ideal if you are looking to entertain baby for longer periods of time. But if you are in need of something to help encourage your baby to enjoy tummy time this is well worth a try.

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