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Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym Review

The Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym is an ideal entertainment centre for your newborn and beyond. If you are looking for something a little bit more than just a gym, this could be the one for you.


Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym Features


Designed with your growing baby in mind, this play mat offers entertainment throughout baby’s early months with 4 modes of play; Lay and play, Tummy time, Sit and play and take along.

  • Lay and play – Place baby on the comfy play mat. She will have lots of fun kicking the piano keys at the same time she will discover the play arch which offers 5 detachable linking toys to stimulate baby’s senses. Encouraging her to reach out and play.
  • Tummy Time – Lay baby on her tummy to build up neck muscles and core body strength. This mat is colourful and bold – interesting for baby’s developing sense of sight. Move the arch down and let baby explore all the different and exciting toys.
  • Sit and play – Once baby has reached the next milestone she can still enjoy this play gym. Swivel the piano round and let her sit and have fun.
  • On the go – detach the piano and take it along to entertain your baby where ever you need it.

The play mat is a cute and colourful design and is soft and comfy for baby. It has a movable play arch for even more versatility.

The piano is well equipped with short or long play music, volume control and power off. It is moveable and removable allowing your baby to play it with her feet (by kicking), play with it sitting up, and taking it with you for entertainment where ever you want.

This gym Includes a large baby safe mirror and five toys to keep baby entertained and encourage play.


What Are People Saying

I have searched through loads of reviews around the web to find out all the good and bad points about this The Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym.

The Good

  • So many babies absolutely love kicking the keys on the piano.
  • Piano sounds are cheerful.
  • Folds to a nice size, ideal for taking away with you.
  • Toys on the arch have been engaging many babies and encouraging them to reach out and grab from an early age.
  • Many people are saying that this gives their baby a real work out – constantly wave their arms and legs on this.
  • Lots of babies are kept entertained for 20 minutes plus on this play mat.
  • The play mat is slightly smaller than other gyms. (this could be seen as good or bad)

Things to consider

  • Some people are suggesting the mat itself would be better if it was thicker/had more padding.
  • A couple of users are unhappy with the piano, one saying ‘it’s not very musically satisfying’.

The Verdict

This play gym is perfect for anyone looking for some great entertainment for baby. It is fun, colourful, engaging and will encourage baby to progress throughout her early months. Great size for taking with you to entertain baby whilst visiting family and friends.

What Next?

If you would like to purchase this fisher-price kick and play piano gym, find out more information or read lots of reviews on this product then click on the link below.


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