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Bathing Essentials – Baby buying guide and tips

There are several things to remember when thinking about bathing your baby. Always make sure baby is not too tired or hungry and make sure the room is comfortable and warm. You also need to make it stress-free and full of smiles so you can both enjoy this time together.

Bathing essentials

The very least you will need to wash and bath your baby in the early days is listed below.

  • Baby bath or bath sponge.
  • 2 hooded towels, or normal bath towels.
  • Cotton wool to wash baby’s face and bottom in the early weeks.
  • Sponge.

You can bathe your baby in a baby bath, baby bath bucket on a baby sponge in your bath or even in a sink The choice is yours.

4 considerations before you choose your bath

The main things you need to think about for a more enjoyable experience are:

  • Safety. Have you got enough space to safely manoeuvre?
  • Ease. Why make things more challenging than they already are?
  • Comfort. Will you and baby be comfortable? Will you be able to keep baby warm enough.
  • Practicality. Have you got room to store a large baby bath? Will you be able to carry it from one room to the next once filled with water?

Bathing extras:

  • Top and tail bowl.
  • baby wash and bubble bath.
  • baby shampoo.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Baby brush / comb.

Top and tail bowl

You will need to top and tail your baby on the days when you don’t give her a bath. Top and tail bowls are very handy for this but you could just use two bowls. The idea is for you to wash baby’s face with fresh water and her bottom with fresh water also.

Body wash, bubble bath and shampoo

There is no need to use soap on your newborn however if you choose to do so, make sure you get ones specially designed for babies delicate skin.

If your baby develops cradle cap then a specially formulated shampoo will clear it up in no time if used correctly.

Baby nail clippers

Baby’s nails grow extremely fast and can be very sharp. You will need to keep them in check. You can use baby nail clippers or your own clippers. Some Mums find it easier to bite their babies nails.

Baby brush and comb

Some babies have lots of hair when they are born others have none. Eventually you will need a soft brush and/or comb to use on baby’s hair even though it might not be for some time.


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