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My Top Toys For Babies Under One

As you may know (or are soon to find out) babies want to play with anything but their toys. Give them the Sky remote and they are amused for ages, show them your purse and they are happy. Buy them a toy that looks like a remote – “…er no mum who are you trying to fool?”

top 10 toy reviews for babies under 1That’s why buying toys that entertain your little one can be so hard.

Experienced toy buying mums will tell you that once you have purchased practically the whole shop – and lets face it your house will end up looking like a toy shop if you’re not careful, you might have discovered one or two baby toys that your little one really likes.

But I have managed to find the five best and most entertaining (big) toys around right now. Which will keep baby busy right from birth.


My Top Toys For Babies Under One

Here are my top baby toys that have entertained my babies in their first years. Hopefully you will at the very least get some inspiration on what to get your little ones to help them learn, develop and discover their world. Don’t forget to click on the links to read the full reviews.

5, Bright Starts Spots and Stripes Safari Gym.

This gym provides amazing entertainment for baby from day one. A great place to put your baby down which is perfectly designed to stimulate your newborn’s senses. It Provides lots of entertainment with its fantastic contrasting design, lights and sounds. The detachable toys are extremely handy to take on outings. Perfect for newborn babies.


4, Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.

A secure place to put baby for some play time. Lovely design with sound and lights which don’t drive you mad. Encourages baby to reach out for toys. Lots for baby to explore and discover. Great jumping fun which most babies will love. Ideal for babies from around four to six months depending on baby’s strength and developement (although age recommendation is six months plus).


3, Bright starts Having a ball activity table.

This interactive table provides baby with lots to do. Baby will spend lots of time playing with the balls and putting them down the hole in the middle (but be prepared to have to keep finding them again!). Excellent for baby to cruise around and explore as they begin pulling themselves up.


2, VTech Baby First Steps Baby Walker.

This Fun activity board doubles up as a walker. It provides lots for baby to discover and interact with. Baby will love to practice walking around the room. It builds baby’s confidence and strength in walking. The only downside is the music will get stuck in your head and drive you crazy! Suitable from six months onwards.


1, Little Tykes Activity Garden.

This is my best baby toy purchase by far. It is bright and colourful. Sturdy and well made. Perfect for baby to cruise around and explore. Keeps baby entertained on a daily basis as they grow and develop. Can be used indoors and outide. Ideal for babies from six months old upwards.


All the above toys have provided my babies with endless fun as they learn and discover the world around them in their first year. I really couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Although baby items can be expensive, there is potential resale value on well looked-after items once your baby has grown out of them – always worth bearing in mind if your purse strings are tight.

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