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Baby Essentials Guide

Buying for a new baby is where all the fun begins. But before you rush out there and start shopping be sure to have checked my new baby essentials guide and buying tips so that you are in the know about what you really need for a baby AND what you don’t.

I have broken this part down into the main categories to enable you to tackle one area at a time. Click on the links below to open up the main articles, where you will find many of my baby shopping secrets.

New Baby Buying Guide – Essential Shopping List

As you prowl around all the baby shops you slowly get a sense that this baby is going to need a lot of stuff. Well the truth is yes there are endless amounts of baby products out there (and they all look so darn cute!!) but don’t worry, you really don’t need them all.

It is easy getting suckered into all the hype and who can blame you, especially if this is your first baby.



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