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A day out with the kids in Suffolk – Walberswick Beach and Crabbing

A day out with the kids in Suffolk – Walberswick Beach and Crabbing

Walberswick is a quaint seaside village by the river Blyth. Situated on the Suffolk coast, accessible from the A12.

It boasts a fantastic stretch of unspoilt sand and shingle beach, envelpoed by acres of heath and marshland. It is protected as an area of Outstanding National Beauty. It is home to a superb crabbing spot and in peak season enjoys a foot ferry to Southwold harbour.

A lovely place to go with the family on a warm and sunny day. I recommend taking warm clothes – it can get extremely windy here.

Things to do

  • Crabbing.
  • Beautiful sandy beach.
  • Kite flying. Make the most of the wind by taking a kite to fly and impress your little ones.
  • Play park on village green.
  • Ice cream van (may be seasonal).
  • Ferry across to Southwold harbour.

The Beach

Walberswick beachWalberswick is a great place to take children who enjoy the seaside – without the amusements. The sandy beach idyllic. There is plenty of sand and stones to keep the little ones entertained. It’s perfect for building castles, digging holes, making sand sculptures etc.

There is a long stretch of beach here including some sand dunes that are great to sit by; providing shelter from the wind. My little ones spend lots of time jumping from them and playing hide-and-seek.

When the tide is out the water is shallow and can be great fun to paddle and play in.

Lots of people bring there dogs here for a walk along the beach.


Walberswick crabbingWalberswick is a popular spot in Suffolk for crabbing. There are a couple of good places to crab from. Lots of people use the bridge located just off the car park. We prefer the bridge because the barriers make it feel a bit safer for the children. Take note – it can get busy!

There is an ice-cream van which may sell bait for crabbing; it might not be there all year round. I would recommend coming well prepared.

TIP: Before you go, make sure you check when high and low tide is. You want a high tide for good crabbing.

Click here if you want to know more about crabbing.

The Ferry

WalberswickIf you fancy something different, take the small ferry across the river Blyth to neighbouring Southwold which runs in peak season. At the harbour you will find various places to eat, drink and buy fish. I have only been on the ferry once and can’t remember how much it costs so I apologise for the lack of information here!


The best place to park to go crabbing – When you arrive in Walberswick, follow the road round past the village green. Carry on until you come to a large car park on the right. Parking here costs 3.00 pounds all day.


There is a good pub with a pub garden. An old, small play park on the village green. Public toilets and two car parks in the village.

What do we love about Walberswick?

The village has such a lovely feel. Very natural. The Crabbing is good and provides great entertainment – especially for us grown-ups. The sandy beach and dunes are perfect for the little ones. I think of this place as a hidden gem.

Are there any bad bits?

  • The crabbing bridge can get busy. This can be a pain when you have a buggy to wheel over it to get to the beach.
  • The wind can make even a warm day chilly. Make sure you take extra clothing.

Have you been to Walberswick?

Please share your thoughts and memories of this lovely place with us. We would love to hear from you!

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